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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My first attempt at making body butter

So I made my first batch of body butter that I found at Rawmazing! It was fairly simple to make, though the total time was a few hours because of the cool down times. First I created a double boiler by using a stainless steel pot, and a heat resistant glass dish. I dumped the coconut oil and shea butter into the glass dish to melt them.
Then I placed it on the counter to cool for 30 minutes
Before letting it solidify, I added essential oils (vanilla) and I used Almond Glow a mixture of vitamin E, Coconut, Olive and Lanolin oil. This replaced the almond oil in the recipe only to lower cost. It's in a continuous state of liquid due to all the other oils in it (besides coconut which is a solid). I then placed the glass dish in the freezer for it to set up, then whipped it when it was ready! Voila!! Easy peasy, and it made a TON (Below is just one of the mason jars I used)
I will say it is a bit greasy going on, and A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY!!! Trust me. My skin is super soft now, and I can't wait to continue to use it. Rawmazing states it has about a 6 month shelf life :)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I'm back!

Hi, long time no see! Not even sure who follows me anymore, but I thought I would start back up and blog about life and all it's craziness. A lot has changed in the past few years, and I look forward to sharing it with everyone! See you soon! -Papps

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Christos Anesti!

I found this and thought it might explain to some what "Greek Easter" is.

Once every few years, Greek Easter falls the same week as “American Easter,” as it was called when I was growing up.
In order for “Greek Easter” to be celebrated the same week as “American Easter,” Passover has to have been celebrated already. We Greeks don’t do Easter until after Passover, because how can you have Easter BEFORE Passover. Jesus went to Jerusalem to celebrate Passover, after all. Unless it is one of the years when the two holidays align. Like this year.
Here are some of the things that non-Greeks may not know about Greek Easter: We don’t do bunnies. We don’t do chocolate. We don’t do pastels.
We do lamb, sweet cookies, and deep red. The lamb is roasted and not chocolate, the sweet cookies are called Koulorakia and are twisted like a braid, and our Easter eggs are dyed one color only: blood red. There is no Easter Egg hunt. There is a game in which you crack your red egg against someone else’s red egg hoping to have the strongest egg, which would indicate you getting a lot of good luck.

Though we don't celebrate in such detail much anymore, the traditions are still alive! I look forward to our get together tomorrow with my Greek family!
Christos Anesti!! xo


Friday, February 3, 2012

Things I would like to pass on

This is from the blog Mommy OM. I found it today via The Bump, and it spoke to me.

25 Things I want my daughter to know

1. Enjoy the innocence of your childhood.

In a world full of superficial values, peer pressure, and bullying, as well as a popular culture that pushes materialism and consumerism – you are being leapfrogged through your childhood. There is a constant pressure for you to grow up way too fast. I mean, when did 5 become the new 10, anyway?

Grow slowly.

2. Smart is the new cool.

Never be ashamed of being smart or nerdy, having freckles or glasses, or loving science and math. Smart never goes out of style, it stays with you as you grow, and it will lead you down the most successful paths.

Miss Smarty Pants

3. No matter how many times you hear it, “Diamonds are NOT a girl’s best friend.”

Friends are invaluable. They are trusting and loyal. They stick with you through good times and bad, happy or sad. Some will come and go, but your true friends will be with you always.

Friends forever, through whatever.

4. Go for it, get dirty! It’s good for you.

Besides the fact that getting dirty actually does help support your immunity, it’s also a great way to express creativity! Sculpt, draw, and stomp. Better yet, go “classic” and make some mud pies.

5. Beat the boys at their own games.

Football, baseball, hockey or golf, never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something because you’re a girl. So go ahead, build the tallest tower of legos, kick butt on Xbox, and bust out your light saber.

Flippin’ awesome.

6. Be spiritual.

Find the desire to understand the universe and your place in it. Take the time to notice the earth and all of its beauty. Give thanks to God for giving you life.

7. See the world.

Experience new cultures, religions, people, and places. Open your heart and mind to the tremendous benefits of studying and visiting domestic and foreign lands.

Bon Voyage

8. A strong hand shake leaves a lasting impression.

It represents self confidence and ambition. A strong hand shake and eye contact exemplifies a mutual respect for one another and is a sign that you are friendly, trustworthy, and honest.

9. Even though you are only 5, I am so glad that right now you have absolutely no idea who Hannah Montanna is.

10. Or this teeny bopper, for that matter.

11. When it comes to wearing make-up, there’s a general rule of thumb that applies-LESS is MORE. Although I don’t think it’s appropriate for you to wear make-up until you’re at least in your teens, I find it horrific that parents do this to their innocent, young children.

This is not beautiful, it’s creepy.

13. Please, please, please do not allow yourself to become someone else’s property. Why this is trendy, I will never figure out. If you want to make a statement about yourself on clothing, at least let it describe an aspect of who YOU are. You may reference back to #2 on this list.

I just don’t get it.

14. Speaking of trends, I hope that by the time you are allowed to date, guys don’t wear their pants hanging half way down their ass like they do now. I really feel like this has been pretty popular for quite some time and I am praying that it finally goes away by 2022. Also, I will flip my lid if you become this guy’s property! (see #13)

15. This is not what GOD or the Bible has in mind when it teaches about angels.

16. Since you’re growing up in the technological age of iPad, iPod, iPhone, and texting, I have to address the horrendous lack of writing skills being used by today’s youth. This phenomenon of truant letters may very well be the Death of English (LOL). Bottom line, don’t use text lingo in your thesis.

What does this even say?

17. Speaking of text lingo, verbal slang is just as unprofessional. Calling all valley girls! Reminds me of Alicia Silverstone from Clueless. OMG, ROFL, BFF, TMI,FYI, IDK….As If.

18. I pray to G-O-D that you don’t ask me for any Monster High dolls. These are apparently the newest tween role models out on the market. They’re everywhere. Mattel claims they embrace imperfections and encourage individuality. Personally, I think they are over-sexualized – with their thigh skimming skirts, platform shoes, and heavy make-up. And I thought Barbie was bad – at least she had a career.

19. I hope I raise you well enough for you to know that wearing revealing clothes and posing in provocative positions is NOT a form of ”artistic expression.” I hope no one has to explain to you why this is NOT appropriate for a high school yearbook. It’s not classy, it’s not artistic, it’s not creative expression.

20. Don’t let pop culture define you.

I don’t know why, but today we let pop culture manipulate our youth and it’s killing them emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually. From the early on fascination with princesses, to the ‘need’ for a boyfriend and big boobs, popularity, teen moms, and all the other garbage being thrown in their face – be confident going against the grain or you’ll risk selling yourself out (see #19).

21. Mainstream your health.

It’s life’s greatest asset. A positive approach to health encompasses physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual well being. Healthy lifestyle choices in your youth will help lay a strong foundation for continued wellness throughout your adult life. Diet, exercise, stress management, chiropractic, self motivation, positiveness, and meditation, as well as a number of other approaches are guaranteed to make a huge impact on your quality of life, health, and happiness.

22. Be a sister. Be a friend. Be a protector.

23. Love with all your heart.

For where there is love there is life. Love is universal and felt by all living things. So strong is the feeling of love that it is said it makes the world go round.

24. Never be afraid to laugh at yourself.

Laughter is humbling. It inspires and motivates.

25. Wherever you are in life, you can come home. I will be here – always.

♥ mommy

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Amelia's first Christmas :)

Sorry I've been MIA.... there's just not a whole lot going on right now besides feedings, poop and all that happens with a sweet baby <3 I just thought I would share a few pictures of my sweet little girl! We just saw Santa this morning, and she loved it :) Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

And a rare one of mommy and Amelia lol
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Last Days


Things have been slightly hectic since Amelia came home, so I apologize for my lack of blogging. She is absolutely precious, I love her more and more every day :)

Tomorrow is my 6 week pp check up, and as I am sitting here sipping wine, I'm feeling great and ready to jump into working out. Today is my last day of what I am calling free. My free for all if you will. I plan to begin hitting the gym and eating better. So I was looking on Pinterest and came across this. This is my motivation :)

"Set your alarm for 6am. Don’t groan when it goes off and pull the covers over your head, get up and start your day. Put on a baggy top and running shorts. Go downstairs and pour yourself a nice big glass of ice water. Cut up some fruit and mix it in with yogurt. Add some granola. Now go outside. Stretch for 10 minutes. Skip for 5 minutes. Jog for 10 minutes. Run for 10 minutes. Walk back. Lay out a towel on the ground and lie down on it. Do 50 crunches. Yes, they hurt, but they are 100% worth it. When you’re done, get in the shower. Use a nice smelling shampoo and matching conditioner. Shave your legs and wash your body. Exfoliate your face. Get out of the shower and let your hair air dry. Look in the mirror. Do you like what you see? If you do, good for you. Do this every day and you will continue to love yourself. If you don’t like what you see, do this every day and pretty soon you will. Being lazy might feel good at the time, but being active feels better in the long run. How badly do you want it?" MOTIVATION.

I'll try and post up a few pictures of my little pumpkin soon!


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Belated Birth Story!

Ok, my apologies for the delay in our Amelia's birth story. Things have been a little hectic to say the least, and blogging has been the last thing on my mind lately!
So, without further ado......

Our journey began with my 37 week appointment. I saw a new OB that was recommended by my midwife (had to see an OB due to gestation diabetes), and that OB stated in her medical opinion I needed to have a scheduled c-section due to the possible size of the baby- my 36w6d u/s guesstimate was 8 lbs 2 oz at that point. I told her I wanted to try a vaginal birth, and she tried to talk me out of it by scaring me with horror stories.
Soooo, I rescheduled my 38 week appointment with my MW even though I wasn't supposed to see her. When I went in, I told her about the OB, and that I at least wanted to give a vaginal birth a shot before giving in to a c-sec. She totally agreed with me! :) She said because I was a gestational diabetic, the placenta can start to deteriorate early (not to mention her size they were guessing) they wanted to induce me at 39 weeks.

Fast forward to Sunday, October 9th (39 weeks exactly). We went in at 0600, and was admitted right away. I dressed down, we got comfy and waited. They came in and got all our info, birth plan etc and then we waited some more. Almost 4 hours more :/
They came in and apologized for the delay... I guess they had 3 emergency deliveries, so of course we were ok with it all. They gave me this pill called MISO to help my cervix become even more favorable for the pitocin since I was only 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced. I had to lay there for a few hours, then they came back and checked me again. I had dilated to 3 cm, 60% effaced, but nothing much more. She said since I was having so many contractions, they could not give me another one to make sure they didn't harm the baby. I had to let my body do more laboring on it's own, then they would start pitocin once I did.

Now the fun stuff!! At 1645, the doc came back in, checked me and told me I was 4 cm, 60% effaced. They then started the pitocin. My contractions almost instantly became stronger and no longer felt like strong cramps. I was determined to try a med free birth, so I continued through them like champ. At 0400 on 10/10, I woke up and felt the need to use the restroom, and as soon as I stood up, I felt this gush of fluid. Since I had just woken up, I thought I was peeing myself and could not stop laughing! I was cracking up as the fluid just kept gushing down my legs onto the floor while I'm trying to gather my IV. LOL
I finally made it to the bathroom with the IV, and hollered for my husband to grab me a towel. Then I told him to get a nurse because I thought my water just broke.
Nurse came in, looked at the towel and told me it was my water, though it looked like meconium on the towel. Cue freakout! She told me not to worry, that it would be ok, they just monitor the baby a little bit more.
At 0500, the contractions became unbeareable to me, so I asked for the epidural. BEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!! I didn't like not feeling my legs, but no longer felt like I was dying (yes, I'm a big baby). I recommend an epidural if you're thinking about getting one.

Around 1600, the midwife came back in and said I was 9 cm dilated and almost 100% effaced- YAY! Almost time to push! :) They turned back the epi (per my request so I could feel my contractions and know when to push). I started pushing around 1700- and pushed for an hour. It was at that point they said the baby was "sunnyside up" and wanted to try and turn her since it can cause damage on the baby if she comes our face up. They turned up the epi again so that I wouldn't feel the urge to push, and laid me on my side with my leg up. I stayed like this for an hour before she came back in and had me start pushing again. With the epi turned back down, I started pushing and the midwife said she was still face up. :( I thought this would never end! She told me to keep pushing and she would manually try to turn her, so we went with it.
I pushed for another hour and a half when I'm not sure if she was seeing my fatigue, or if I was truly close, but she finally said I was so close to meeting my baby girl. The reason I question it was because my husband did overhear her talking to the nurse and mention the possibility of an emergency c-section :(

By this point I was exhausted and had no idea how I would keep going, but refused to give up since I had gone through all this and come this far. My husband was the best coach I could have asked for <3 He helped me and gave me the strength to push on. He coached me, fanned me when I overheated, held my hand and continuously told me how good I was doing. I love this man. Almost another full hour of pushing and our comes our little Amelia (face down I might add thanks to the MW). She was rushed over to the side to be cleaned up due to the meconium, but then was brought right back over to me and I never wanted to let her go. She was precious; the most beautiful thing I have ever laid eyes on. The rest is a blur. I know they had me push a few more times to deliver the placenta, but I was so fixated on my husband and new baby, that I didn't pay any attention to the world around me. Recovery has been great (though still recovering) and Amelia is doing fantastic!! All 8 lbs 2 oz of her! I'm so glad I pushed for a vaginal birth, and went against the OB's advice. I had a wonderful, albeit long delivery, and wouldn't change it for the world.

Here's a picture right after birth :)
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

And another one earlier this week
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

If you made it all the way, thanks for reading!

Monday, September 26, 2011

37 Weeks and some change

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I apologize for the reflection and dirty mirror :/

*How far along?: 37w2d

*Total weight gain: mid 20's

*How big is baby?: Huge ;) Watermelon. As of my growth u/s at 36w6d they think she is already 8 lbs 1 oz

*Sleep?: Yeah, not so much

*How are you feeling physically? These past few weeks have been very difficult. She has positioned herself more in more pelvis which is painful and uncomfortable and I have slowly started to progress in terms of becoming dilated (though I was never told the number). YAY!

*How are you feeling emotionally?: A ball of emotions. SO excited to meet her!!!!!

*Movement?: Yes and she hurts her mama. It's still amazing to watch my belly move all over the place

*Food cravings?: Nah, not so much anything right now

*Labor signs?: Yes. I've been having cramping and more painful BH contractions, though nothing close to hard labor

*What I miss: Being more mobile, sleeping in my own bed (now sleeping sitting up on the couch) and a nice glass of Pinot :o)

*What I'm looking forward to: Holding my sweet baby girl!

*Random Thoughts: Can my vag handle a large baby!?!?!? LOL OMFG I'm a little nervous :) I have decided to try and labor as long as I can without meds so I can be mobile, but I will opt for an epi

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I hit 35/35!!!

Ok, one day past due on this, but the picture is from yesterday. How in the world did I make it here? I remember how much doubt I had that I would ever be able to get pregnant, and here I am. If there is one thing I can pass on, it's to never give up!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

*How far along?: 35w1d

*Total weight gain: mid 20's

*How big is baby?: Honeydew (4.5-5.5 lbs)

*Sleep?: What's that?

*How are you feeling physically? Overall pretty good, though I'm starting to exhaust quickly and can feel my body shifting for delivery which is somewhat painful.

*How are you feeling emotionally?: Fantastic! I am so ready for her :)

*Movement?: Yes, though it has slowed down some since she has less room. She loves to kick the top of my belly with her heels though LOL

*Food cravings?: Anything the GD diet tells me not to have? haha

*Labor signs?: Nope

*What I miss: Being able to walk normally (no waddling, grunting) :)

*What I'm looking forward to: Her delivery

*Random Thoughts: We are now totally prepared for her when she comes. The nursery is done (though she'll be sleeping in a bassinet in our room for a while), clothes & blankets are washed, bouncer and swing set up and we picked up the last few things we needed for a while from the store! :) Hopefully it's another month before she's here though, but we're ready for her!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Nursery is done! Whew!

So, we finally got the last decorations up in the nursery, and besides waiting to get the crib mattress and bedding all set up (trying to the keep curious cat way from crib) were done! Feels so good to have it completed. MH just said tonight that we need to pack our hospital bag now and we're good to go. I think he's looking forward to putting the car seats in too :o)

Here's some pictures :)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Here's her closet full of new clothes from the shower, and hand-me-downs :) And tons of diapers!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Her dresser is full of more clothes (mainly onsies and sleepers from newborn to 12 months), blankets and sleep sacks. It's nice to feel prepared... at least in this aspect!


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