Thursday, January 28, 2010

Western vs. Eastern

So, I went to see a doctor (we'll call him Dr. D for dick)Image and video hosting by TinyPic at Kaiser Permanente today, had an annual and discussed issues I'm having with my cycle. I tried to explain to him I've been tracking my temps for the past 6 cycles and all he did was glance at two of them, then threw them all in the garbage. Are you for fucking real? No he didn't just negate my feelings/process!

He begins to tell me (not ask, but tell me) that I shouldn't chart. He says it gives false info & could quite possibly be the cause of my cycles. Um, ok. Then he proceeds to snap at me twice while my feet are sky high in the cold stirrups. I seriously felt like I needed to defend myself and snap back. How rude can one stranger be, especially when the other is half naked. UGH.

Eastern- Then on to the acupuncturist.
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So, as soon as I walk in, she makes nice, simple conversation... then asks me how I'm feeling and what symptoms I've been having (insomnia, backache, anything). She asks how my cycle looks this month with my temps, and genuinely got excited when I told her it appears I O'd. She then asks if I check CP and CM to back it up and if I used TCOYF, I said yes, but told her I use FF to chart. (she made a note to look it up saying she hadn't heard of it before) haha

We spend about 15 mins just going over things before we got down to business. I 'heart' her. She made me feel so much better after Dr. D.

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  1. Hi Papps,
    I found your blog at the Bump, and wish you guys the best of luck ttc! I had two different docs tell me not to temp, they both recommended OPK's instead. Now, after 8 months, I'm going to start temping! :)
    ps - looks like we like the same movies!


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