Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Heinz 57 post

Ok, so by Heinz 57 I mean a few topics wrapped into one. :)

To begin with, I am on cd44- I took my first Provera pill last night and will continue for 5 days. Hopefully this will get the show on the road and I can go in for cd3 b/w & u/s and move on. Though I am not sure what moving on will be now that we have the SA results back.

DH's SA results-

Sperm Morphology- 30 mil
Sperm count- 41.7
Total sperm- 145.9 mil
Motility- 80%
Volume- 3.5

I'm not sure if they will have him submit another sample to see if the first was a random fluke, or if we will discuss other options instead of just trying clomid.

Either way, it appears that both DH and I are somewhat broken.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My wonderful BFPB's

So, today I get home and there is a package awaiting me...... and what could it be?
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Thank you so much Starbuck! She even got her to autograph it! I swear, anyone who enjoys cooking will LOVE this book. So many delicious recipes! You rock :)

That, and HHB found out the sex of her lil peanut this week! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

I'm so excited for you both! XOXO :y

Monday, May 17, 2010

Figured it couldn't hurt right? ;)

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The tortoise was a fertility symbol in Greek times, and an attribute of Aphrodite who supposedly ascended from the sea. Turtles represent wisdom, understanding that in order to taste life we must not pass through it running, but taking our time to live every action, every moment, calmly.
This turtle playing the flute and recalling the Native American kokopelli.

Kokopelli is an ancient character- a hunchbacked, dancing fluteplayer whose oldest manifestation is found on on prehistoric American rock carvings. Kokopelli himself is a symbol of fertility and life, often depicted as a phallic character, carrying a pouch of seeds, or wearing antlers. Kokopelli symbols often appear in the context of rain, pregnancy, prosperity, and marriage.

Here's to hoping!
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Can someone please help!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic How the world does one comment in blogs?
I've done it before, but whenever I try and comment now it just clears out and never posts :( What am I doing wrong?

EDITED: I got it!! .......3 hours later ::le sigh::

Thanks ladies!

Monday, May 10, 2010

RE appt today!

Ok, so we totally loved him. Not only did he have a fabulous office with a gorgeous view ::smiles:: he was very reassuring and kind. He joked with us when appropriate, asked us how we met etc...

Then he looked at my charts and said yup, we got issues. I told him about my experience with Kaiser and stated how I wanted to be monitored and he agreed that's best. We also went over me taking OPK's and since I did get a positive when I O'd he will have me continue with them.

He ordered cd3 b/w, & a S/A for DH. We discussed the possibility of PCOS but he thinks its not likely since my internal U/S came back clean and I don't have many of the "standard" symptoms- but he'll test me just to make sure. I will not be doing 7dpo b/w since I don't ovulate much.

He prescribed me 50mg of clomid to start. So once we get all the testing done we can go pick it up :) So excited! He was really awesome in that he is ordering our tests through Kaiser so we can try and get our bennies (50% paid) and the only things we have to go through him on are the ultrasounds and procedures such as IUI's etc....

I can't even begin to tell you how great it feels to be 'going somewhere' now. :o)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Moving on and up

So, most of you know I had an IF consult appointment with my insurance (Kaiser Permanente) on Thursday. It did not go over so well. They really don't do things properly (no monitoring, no cd3 bloodwork, and they required me to come in on cd21 even though I never ovulate let alone on cd14). They also advised me they require me to do 3 in-house IUI's before they will refer me to the RE. Uuuum WTF, you're kidding me right? This had me so worried and in tears when I left the hospital.

I had asked when I was there what offices they work with when it comes to the RE's, so when I got home I looked them up and called them myself. They were extremely helpful and took down some info and made me an appointment. They stated that they could order the tests to be done through Kaiser, and I would still get the discount. Score! I truly hope they are correct in this matter, however we are fine paying OOP if needed.

For once I feel hope. It is the best feeling E-V-E-R. It makes me smile when I see how excited MH is about this as well. Makes me nervous about what they will find, but at least we're finding it, dealing with it, and moving on. How freaking awesome would that be to be pg by the end of summer or fall! A girl can hope :) xoxo

I googled Glimmer of Hope, and this is what I found. I like it
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