Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What an emotional day!

My day started off so peaceful. I was excited since our NT Scan was today, and I couldn't wait to get past this milestone. I left work mid day to head over to Kaiser for the u/s only to find out it won't happen (explanation here)

Then, I get off work and drive home.... I head to our front office to pick up some paperwork... and come to find out there is some extra work MH and I have to do before the papers get signed. Wish we would have known 3 weeks ago when I brought them down to you! Now they are due this Friday!! ::Sigh::

Aaaaaand theeeeeen, my mom happens to call just as I walk through the door and had burst into tears. I answer thinking she might sooth me and make me feel better, but she goes on to tell me how bad stress is for the baby. Geeee, thanks mom! After I told her how I felt about that, we made up and got off the phone :)

Now I'm just tired again, hoping to hit the sack at 8pm again tonight! Going to bed so early has never felt so good. Just call me g-ma Papps!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

What a month!

I'm so sorry I've been slacking in the blogging department. Time has just gotten away from me!

Fatigue has been visiting me since my BFP, so I basically come home from work, and veg on the couch.... then in bed between 8:30 and 9:30 (I live an exciting life right now) :o)
I count my blessings daily that my ticker continues to grow each day, and that today I am still pregnant. It's starting to sink in that this might be my take home baby, and I'm thrilled! MH and I decided to spill the beans and go public after out NT scan next week if all goes ok, well at least we'll start sharing.

My best friend has been staying with us since Friday..... she lives out of state and is hoping to move here. She dropped off her resume yesterday and already got a call back for an interview today! I'm so excited for her! I think it would be awesome to have here here, especially once baby Papps arrives :)
I'm hoping to muster up enough energy to stay up late and do the underground tour here in the city. I think she would love it!

So yeah, this is my uneventful and boring life right now. I haven't written much mainly because there is not a whole lot to talk about LOL Hopefully in the next few weeks I get more energy and hopefully will have more to write about :)


Monday, March 14, 2011

There's still a baby there!

I can't tell you how relieved I was to see a flickering heart beat again. When the RE was moving the wand around, the baby waved at us a few times! Totally melted my heart. HB is at a strong 170, the sac and everything else looks good :) I have officially graduated to my midwife & OB!!

Here's a picture of our little gummy bear
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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Long time no see!

Sorry I've been MIA, I've been a bit plagued with fatigue and not as active lately
For fun..........

NICKNAMES: Papps. Seriously :)~
BIRTHDAY: September
ZODIAC: Have been a Virgo all my life. Fuck the new Zodiac signs
EYE COLOUR: Depends on what I wear, but either blue, green or gray
HAIR COLOR: Brown with some caramel highlights right now
FROM: I'm a Cali girl at heart
PETS: Two kitties we rescued..... Leo and Chloe
FAMILY: Um, yes?
PERSONALITY: Type A sums it up, but I have a very big heart and love to do things for others
HOBBIES: Scrapbooking, snowboarding, camping, hiking, reading
LIKES: See above. Right now #1 is sleeping though :o)
DISLIKES: Stress, uncertainty
FAVORITE ACCENTS: Irish, English & Greek!
FAVE ACTORS: Tom Hanks, John Travolta, Nick Cage
FAVORITE ACTRESSES: Sandra Bullock, Reece Witherspoon, Katherine Heigl
FAVORITE ANIMALS: Tigers (specifically Siberian) and domestic furbaby cats
FAVORITE MUSIC: I enjoy anything but Opera. Right now I've been listening to 90's grunge lol mixing in some top 40 pop
FAVORITE BOOKS: Twilight Series, Laurel K Hamilton's vampire series, Daniel Steel
FAVORITE CANDY: Anything peanut butter and chocolate!
FAVORITE DRINK: Non Alcoholic- grape juice, alcoholic- Wine (Pinot Noir)
FAVORITE FLOWER: Gerbera Daisies and Sunflowers
FAVORITE HOLIDAYS: Halloween, Thankgiving and Christmas. Christmas my favorite over all
FAVORITE NUMBER:To play- Softball, to watch- Football

1. SPIDERS!!!!
2. Being alone in the dark
3. Not achieving my goals

1. Greek & Italian
2. How to be totally computer savvy
3. How to relax

1. Sweet Pea lotion by Bath and Body Works
2. Entertainment coupon book
3. Our 6 week u/s pics

1. I give myself pedicures weekly (and summertime I go get them done professionally)
2. I have two tatoos, one on my leg, and one on my shoulder
3. I don't mind confrontation (not physical)

1. Seriously
2. Fuck (in every form)
3. What? hahahaha

Friday, March 4, 2011

Free Femara Prescription

So, when I cycled I used this website, printed up this coupon, and had my RE sign it. I brought it in to a pharmacy and got my Rx for free! (so I know it works)

The only thing is I only got 10 pills (based off of my dosage needed for that cycle) instead of a months worth because the RE's nurse only filled it for what I needed. BUT STILL, saved me over $100!

Try it out, I promise it works :) Just click on Print, and you'll get your unique code Click Here


Thursday, March 3, 2011

A new car!

Ok, well not really a new car just yet, but I brought my car in Tuesday for a new clutch, new brakes and suspension so it's kinda new right? lol

I decided to keep my 2001 Honda Civic for at least another year just to be on the safe side money wise, so since my car needed some major repairs, I figured when is a better time to fork out the cash than when I get my taxes back!?! Well, I get to pick it up today and I am beyond thrilled!

I'm very grateful they gave me a rental car to use, but man every night as soon as I walk through the door it's straight to the shower. This car makes me feel so dirty! Today I'm exchanging it for MY car and I'm so happy!

My car will be brand new! Well kinda sorta ;)

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