Thursday, July 7, 2011

26 Weeks and some drama!

Ok, so this is a few days early, but I am going out of town and won't have a chance to update.

So a few big ticket items I have to discuss today. First off, I realized that today I have 100 days left, tomorrow will be double digits!!!! Holy shit times flies right?!?!?!?

Secondly, today I made a trip to L&D because I had a scare :( I had a gush of fluid a few days back, followed by some cramping. This morning I realized I haven't been feeling Amelia as much, so I freaked the fuck out.
They hooked me up to the monitors and checked my goodies and all is well. They said I most likely peed myself a little (congrats to me!) and I'm most likely having Braxton Hicks contractions. I feel better knowing that everything is ok, but not too fond of the idea of peeing myself LOL

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How far along?: 26 Weeks!! (almost)

*Total weight gain: 16 lbs as of last appt

*How big is baby?: Still the size of a eggplant

*Sleep?: More awake than sleep

*How are you feeling physically? This week has been a bit rough just with not knowing what was going on, but I love feeling her move around which outweighs anything bad!

*How are you feeling emotionally?: Better now that I went to the hospital

*Best moment this week?: Seeing my stomach move when Amelia kicks me

*Movement?: See above post ;)

*Food cravings?: Alright I found one.... it's been ice cream all the way! (had my first DQ Blizzard last night!!)

*Labor signs?: No, but I had my BH scare moment

*What I miss: Being totally mobile

*What I'm looking forward to: Our 3/4D u/s in a few weeks!!

*Random Thoughts: Time is flying by now and I'm feeling the pressure of my previous laziness! lol

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  1. (((()))) glad everything is okay and you look adorable!


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