Wednesday, November 10, 2010


First off, I love change. If I could, I would rearrange my furniture all.the.time.

But that's not what this is about. I promise :) So, seeing a few of my 3T ladies going through or starting acupuncture got me wanting to start back up again. Soooo, I called an made an appointment for next Monday! She was so excited to see me back again (I think I am a challenge for her) hehe

Ok, so again, not what my point was for change. ::sigh:: focus Papps.
A fellow bumpie turned IRL friend started this diet that her acupuncturist and RE recommended for her IVF, the gluten free diet. I decided while I'm on my break, to try and cleanse my body as much as possible. After talking with her and reading up on it, I think it's totally do-able (although the lack of pasta could do me in) :o)

I remember my acupuncturist trying to tell me how good for the body it was, but I pretty much laughed at her and told her that's not for me. Well, one year later with no luck.... this lady is changing her mind.

Happy Eating!



  1. You should stop by some Asian stores and pick up some gluten free rice noodles! The corn based pasts is not so good, but the rice based ones are delish! You can do it!

  2. If you want some tips or recipes, my Mom's best friend is gluton free and can offer many :)

  3. GL with it Pappsie! I honestly believe it played a role in my getting pregnant.

    Ease into to it though! Whole wheat gluten free pasta is actually pretty darn good!


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