Monday, November 22, 2010

New RE, new plan!

Ok, so my consult appointment went so, so well! My RE was super nice and informative, and really listened to me. He went over all the different options, mentioned that with my age and health we have a great shot at getting pg (he thought my lining may have been my main issue the last few cycles).

I told him cost is a concern since we don't have thousands of dollars to spend right this second, so we ultimately decided on doing a cycle with Femara on days 3-7, then adding Bravelle from approximately cd7-10. Then depending on when I have mature follies, I'll trigger and use progesterone (this will be my first cycle with progesterone).

The doctors office has one sample box of Bravelle, which will save us hundreds of dollars, and then a few of my lovely friends have offered to give me their leftover unused vials of Bravelle- so hopefully if anything we'll just have to buy one or two vials, then the Femara, prog and ovidrel!

Did I mention that I LOVE this office?!? Hopefully this gives us our little bundle of freakin joy! :)~


  1. Glad your visit went well! Good luck this cycle. I have everything crossed for you, love.


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