Saturday, April 16, 2011

14 Weeks

*How far along?: 14 Weeks

*Total weight gain: Still on strike. The scale and myself are not in agreement currently

*How big is baby?: The size of a lemon.

*Sleep?: I wake up often to use the bathroom or re-situate but otherwise sleeping good

*How are you feeling physically?: Feeling great! Fatigue is slowly easing up :) I think my abdomen is stretching a bit lately since I've had this aching feeling going on

*How are you feeling emotionally?: Feeling pretty dang good! Mr. Papps says my emotions are on red alert though... poor guy

*Best moment this week?: Hearing the heartbeat on my home doppler

*Movement?: Nope.

*Food cravings?: No real cravings, though ice cream has sounded good (not usually an ice cream fan)

*Labor signs?: I hope not :/

*What I miss: Sleeping comfortably

*What I'm looking forward to: Having another day off tomorrow :)

*Random Thoughts: I can't help but wonder how this pregnancy would have made me feel had I not dealt with infertility.

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  1. Maybe it's the hormones I'm on, but your post makes me weepy. I'm so happy for you as I read this, especially remembering what you've been through to get here. Makes me smile! *hugs*


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