Friday, February 12, 2010

Plumbing looks good!

So I called the doctor's office yesterday to find out the results of my ultrasound and the nurse told me my insides looked great. No signs of any cysts and that my ovaries looked in great condition! That is the BEST news eva!!

Yeah, I thought I would prepare myself for what I could find, and so Googled images of what "I" saw on the screen. Bad idea.
Thou shalt not Google images.
Thou shalt not Google images.

DH was pretty excited about the results, as was I. Although it doesn't explain the causes of some of my issues, it does however rule out other issues that could have potentially been problems down the road. So at least the asshole doctor took care of something in the end.
Yey for answers!


  1. I am so happy about your great news!!

  2. I'm glad everything looks good, what a relief for you all!


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