Sunday, February 7, 2010

This has been the best weekend in a while

So, it all started on Friday when DH and I bought Zombieland and watched that along with a nice dinner. Then Saturday we slept in until 11 am (yup, you heard correctly eleven in the mornin) and cuddled in bed until 1145, when we finally got up and made breakfast. Sooooo nice. We hung on the couch and watched Waterboy together, then I decided it was time for another nap. lol I woke up, showered then DH and went and saw Paris with Love (with John Travolta) good movie might I add.... then went to On the Border for dinner. We already had Paranormal Activity, so we watched that together before going to bed.

It was a lot of movies.... but man was it so nice just to curl up together and relax. I love my DH!! XOXO

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