Saturday, July 10, 2010


I knew she was coming- the reservations had already been made. Though I had high hopes in the beginning clomid would work for me, towards the end I just started losing hope. I will say though my initial temp drop stung pretty badly. I kind cried a lot yesterday. Went through stages..... but then I woke up today and was ready to move on. I'll call the RE today, set up my appt for cd3 and we might bump it up to 100mg this go around.

I talked to DH last night about if he wanted to combine IUI with it, he said not yet. I can understand because this would put us in a tight spot to do that. With him only working 2.5 days a week (he's a full time student) I'm pretty much the breadwinner, and it would put a strain on us. We decided on 3 cycles on clomid, then we'll bump it up to IUI if no luck. Though I personally would like to do 2 cycles and move on, for now I will respect his wishes and go with 3. Who knows, maybe this will work- and if not, then it gives us that much time to save up!


  1. (((hugs))) i am hoping 100mg will be the trick!

  2. I <3 you Pappsy McGee!
    xoxo- Starbuck


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