Sunday, July 25, 2010

What a fabulous end to July!

So, today I got a smiley face (yay for ovulating soon)!! After wondering if I actually ovulated on cd9 instead- thanks to FF giving me some solid CH's I'm pleased to announce the u/s tech was correct, I should O in the next day or two I hope. I've had some pretty bad cramping, the same that happened last clomid cycle when I ovulated so that's great news! Especially since we leave to go camping in a few days, I was hoping to not have to worry about TI! :)
So that gets a fatty grin from me :o)

THEN, we leave early Tues morning to go camping. The campground is by this gorgeous boating lake, but isn't on the lake though, so its more private :) Love it! Then we come back on Thursday evening, and I leave for Cali with my mom on Friday to go see my sister/fam and new nephew!!

And from there to the Bay Area to see my lovely awesome girl mdluv and friends from school etc..... I can't fucking wait!!

I'm hoping to hit up these places....
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Possibly San Fransisco with Mdluvie!
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And hopefully here...
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