Friday, July 2, 2010

The new me....

Alrighty... where do I start. Vegas was a blast! We ate and drank ourselves into a coma it was fucking awesome! I told myself I would allow an eat/drink anything I want on vacay, including the volcano lava brownie with ice cream and fudge, as long as when I got back, I started my "new me". So here I am. I told DH what I was looking for (in terms of weight loss, toning etc) and he devised a plan for me. When he was in Iraq, in his down time he studied up on weight lifting/workouts, so he's pretty good at this sort of thing :)

The Plan:

Weeks 1-3
Monday's- off

Tuesday's 40 mins of cardio- Heart rate (HR) 125-135
Machine Bench Press 2 sets of 12- 50 lbs
Leg Press/Squat 2 sets of 12- 40 lbs
Seated row/lat pull-downs 2 sets of 12- 70 lbs

Wednesday's- 45 mins of cardio- HR 125-135

Thursday's- Off

Friday's 60 mins of cardio HR 125-135, and same weights as Monday

Saturday's- 60 mins of cardio HR 125-135

So we got back into town late Sunday evening, and Monday evening we were at the gym. It feels great! I have been watching what I eat, my portion sizes and working out doing cardio and free weights/nautilus. I've been sore this entire week, but so worth it! I haven't even had any alcoholic beverages since we got back...and this is a rarity! lol

So, the dreaded stats. I'm laying this out to you ladies to keep me motivated and on goal. Kinda as in if I tell you and have no updates, then I suck!

Current Stats:
Height: 5'8
Weight: 176
Build: Med, and I do still have quite a bit of muscle (it's just buried under fat currently)

Goal Stats:

Height: (hopefully it stays the same- buahahahahaha)
Weight: 145
Build: Should stay the same, but I'm hoping to let the muscles make an appearance

I know I can do this, I just need to set my mind to it! Wish me luck ;)


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