Monday, May 17, 2010

Figured it couldn't hurt right? ;)

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The tortoise was a fertility symbol in Greek times, and an attribute of Aphrodite who supposedly ascended from the sea. Turtles represent wisdom, understanding that in order to taste life we must not pass through it running, but taking our time to live every action, every moment, calmly.
This turtle playing the flute and recalling the Native American kokopelli.

Kokopelli is an ancient character- a hunchbacked, dancing fluteplayer whose oldest manifestation is found on on prehistoric American rock carvings. Kokopelli himself is a symbol of fertility and life, often depicted as a phallic character, carrying a pouch of seeds, or wearing antlers. Kokopelli symbols often appear in the context of rain, pregnancy, prosperity, and marriage.

Here's to hoping!
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  1. My grandma collected different Kokopelli's and I love them too.. makes me think of her.. ;)

  2. I can get behind any phallic symbol!


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