Monday, May 10, 2010

RE appt today!

Ok, so we totally loved him. Not only did he have a fabulous office with a gorgeous view ::smiles:: he was very reassuring and kind. He joked with us when appropriate, asked us how we met etc...

Then he looked at my charts and said yup, we got issues. I told him about my experience with Kaiser and stated how I wanted to be monitored and he agreed that's best. We also went over me taking OPK's and since I did get a positive when I O'd he will have me continue with them.

He ordered cd3 b/w, & a S/A for DH. We discussed the possibility of PCOS but he thinks its not likely since my internal U/S came back clean and I don't have many of the "standard" symptoms- but he'll test me just to make sure. I will not be doing 7dpo b/w since I don't ovulate much.

He prescribed me 50mg of clomid to start. So once we get all the testing done we can go pick it up :) So excited! He was really awesome in that he is ordering our tests through Kaiser so we can try and get our bennies (50% paid) and the only things we have to go through him on are the ultrasounds and procedures such as IUI's etc....

I can't even begin to tell you how great it feels to be 'going somewhere' now. :o)


  1. That is great news sweetie!! BTW I love your blog background!

    Fingers crossed for good test results and a great Clomid cycle!

  2. So happy you are feeling good about the appointment and your plan going forward!

  3. So happy for you!

    Here's to having a plan.


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