Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Heinz 57 post

Ok, so by Heinz 57 I mean a few topics wrapped into one. :)

To begin with, I am on cd44- I took my first Provera pill last night and will continue for 5 days. Hopefully this will get the show on the road and I can go in for cd3 b/w & u/s and move on. Though I am not sure what moving on will be now that we have the SA results back.

DH's SA results-

Sperm Morphology- 30 mil
Sperm count- 41.7
Total sperm- 145.9 mil
Motility- 80%
Volume- 3.5

I'm not sure if they will have him submit another sample to see if the first was a random fluke, or if we will discuss other options instead of just trying clomid.

Either way, it appears that both DH and I are somewhat broken.


  1. ((((())))))

    broken or not, you are still pretty great!

  2. aww papps, you guys are not broken!! I know the feeling but we need to keep our chins up!! It will happen for us one day =)


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