Saturday, May 1, 2010

Moving on and up

So, most of you know I had an IF consult appointment with my insurance (Kaiser Permanente) on Thursday. It did not go over so well. They really don't do things properly (no monitoring, no cd3 bloodwork, and they required me to come in on cd21 even though I never ovulate let alone on cd14). They also advised me they require me to do 3 in-house IUI's before they will refer me to the RE. Uuuum WTF, you're kidding me right? This had me so worried and in tears when I left the hospital.

I had asked when I was there what offices they work with when it comes to the RE's, so when I got home I looked them up and called them myself. They were extremely helpful and took down some info and made me an appointment. They stated that they could order the tests to be done through Kaiser, and I would still get the discount. Score! I truly hope they are correct in this matter, however we are fine paying OOP if needed.

For once I feel hope. It is the best feeling E-V-E-R. It makes me smile when I see how excited MH is about this as well. Makes me nervous about what they will find, but at least we're finding it, dealing with it, and moving on. How freaking awesome would that be to be pg by the end of summer or fall! A girl can hope :) xoxo

I googled Glimmer of Hope, and this is what I found. I like it
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  1. I love the glimmer of hope. What a simple, yet powerful image. GL!

  2. Hi, this is ermaderma from The Bump!

    Sorry for the not so good news, but good luck with the new RE!


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