Friday, September 10, 2010


This is the fist time since we have been TTC that I have just cried my eyes out. Not that I haven't cried before, but this was different. I had to work today and I swear I couldn't turn that shit off. I know much of it has to do with PMSing and clomid, but it really hit me hard.

Then, I realized how difficult the morning was, but now in the evening it's like I'm ready to move on again. (could be the wine, LOL) I'm so bummed that it didn't work, but more so because I know DH was so hopeful. Breaks my heart :( I just HAVE to move forward or I'll lose hope.

I've already scheduled our cd3 b/w and u/s for Monday.... sooooooooooo can I get some good thoughts for IUI #2?? Puleeeeeaaaase? xoxoxo


  1. I'm so sorry, hon. Good luck with IUI #2!

  2. I've got everything crossed for IUI 2. <3

  3. I am so sorry AF came! Keep your head up for IUI #2! You are in my thoughts and prayers! <3

  4. Huge huge huge endless ((HUGS)) xoxo

  5. Damnit, I'm sorry.
    Hugs and all the positive thoughts in the world for you.

  6. Good luck pappsy! Im crossing my fingers and toes for you! =)


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