Tuesday, September 21, 2010

IUI #2 is set for Thursday!

So I go in for my cd12 u/s to see how my response was this cycle to clomid. She tells me I have 14 follies in my left and 19 in my right. 1 of which is dominant, with two mature follies right behind. She said we're ready to move forward already! So, we will trigger tonight at 12 PM, and IUI is set for late Thursday morning!! W00t!

I will say I'm going to be a bit nervous about my lining.... she said it was on the thin side (more so than the other cycles) so I've been pounding out the POM juice just in case that shit works! lol

I talked to my loving Grandma tonight to let her know about the IUI (mine and DH's entire family knows about our struggles) and she said she would continue to say a prayer nightly for us. So sweet, thank you Grams!

Let's hope Bhilyer is right on #2 @ 32!!



  1. aw.. what a sweet Grandma :) Good luck on Thursday, hun! Hope this will be it for you!

  2. Good luck Papps! I am rooting for you as always!

  3. I'm thinking of you Pappsy! -mrs.monica

  4. Go follies, go!

  5. Good luck Papps! I know this will be it!

  6. thinking good thoughts for you guys! ;)


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