Saturday, January 8, 2011

Awaiting AF

So, Thursday night was my last night of taking birth control pills! WOOT!!
I'm just waiting for AF to show up now so I can schedule a cd3 u/s and hopefully start our new cycle. I have to make sure that stupid cyst is gone though, so we'll see.

Any no cyst vibes anyone can spare and throw my way would be wonderful!!!
TIA :)


ETA- AF showed today (Sunday)! Ultrasound, here we come, WOOT!


  1. No cyst vibes are coming your way!

  2. No cyst vibes aplenty at you love!!!

  3. HUGE "no cyst" vibes from me! I am so excited for you to start this new cycle. I think the new RE and protocol will be great. I'm sending prayers that this will work Pappsie!

  4. Sending no cyst vibes your way!!

  5. Tons of good vibes coming your way for a great report on your CD3 ultrasound!!
    -blueberries :)


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