Thursday, January 20, 2011

I take it back

I woke up this morning to my kitty in bad shape :( He hardly ate last night, but this morning didn't even look at his food. Then he vomited on the floor and on his paws and just sat there in it. I took the day off work to take him back to the vet.

We're going to see about doing a blood transfusion for him to hopefully get his red blood cell count back up and get rid of this anemia. All his other test results came back fine, so I have no clue what is wrong

If you could, please say a prayer or think good thoughts for him. It would be much appreciated

Here's a sweet picture from this morning :)
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  1. I am so sorry:( Sending many T&Ps to your kitty.

  2. Thinking of your kitty. ((hugs))

  3. Oh no :( Thinking of your kitty. xoxo

  4. Sending good thoughts for your kitty, Papps!

  5. This picture is so sweet but sad too, poor little guy. Just catching up now. Big hugs.


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