Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Blog Award :)

Mchupie at And Baby Makes Three just gave me the Stylish Blog Award, Thanks Mchup!! :)
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Now I suppose I am to share 7 things about myself

1. I live in Oregon now, but I am 100% a Cali girl at heart.

2. I am half Greek. My dad is full blood Greek, as is all of his side of the family. I married into Scottish :)

3. I paint my toes according to season. Summer is usually hot pink, a French or a shade of orange, Fall is usually a brown or maroon, Winter is bright red, and Spring whatever suits my fancy. Nowadays my fingernails always a nude/sheer color.

4. I have two tattoos- one on my right shoulder of a Bengal Tiger (my favorite animal) with a few rocks and bamboo, and a beautiful fairy on my leg (before they got more popular) lol. I don't regret either of them. Both I got at certain times in my life, and have deeper meanings to me than just a picture. I would LOVE to get another one someday

5. I still secretly hope to be a mom of two maybe even three kids. I don't care how I get them, I am destined to be a mother

6. My favorite scent is Vanilla

7. Last but not least, I used to have a major OCD problem (obsessive compulsive disorder). No joke. Have you ever seen Monk? THAT WAS ME. My family thought about an intervention :/
I couldn't touch door handles, got creeped out to sit in public places, I carried around antibacterial wipes with me and used then all.the.time.
Funny thing is as soon as I moved to Oregon, it pretty much went away! While I still have wipes, I only used them sparingly. I have no problem opening doors etc...

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  1. :) Aww thank you! I didn't know you had tattoos and I approve of your love affair with nail polish! :)

  2. thanks, love! & you're a brave lady. I have one tattoo and I'm pretty positive I won't be getting any more. haha.

  3. Hey there, new visitor here. Your blog is so pretty! Looking forward to reading more.


  4. Thanks Papps! xo
    PS - your blog is looking fan-tab-ulous!

  5. Eeeek thanks Papps! I am late on this but I will get on it! lol


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