Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A breath of fresh air

So, my cat has been very sick. We had taken him to the vet to get his standard vaccinations and check up- and brought him home broken :(

We took him to a new Vet clinic and they ran a bunch of tests on him. They told us he is very anemic, has a heart murmur and that he could have Leukemia, cat aids, or a virus etc that could potentially kill him. He was very lethargic and just not the same Leo we came to love. I cried for days non stop - My baby was going to leave me

Well, today I got a call and we heard he had none of the above! While he is very anemic and still has the murmur, he came back clear from all the other crap. What a relief! He has a low red blood cell count, and his white cells are elevated, so we've started giving him steroids and antibiotics, so hopefully this will help him. We'll see what we need to do to work through the rest. I'm so gratful

THEN, on top of that fabulous news, I had another monitoring appointment today and found out that we will be having our IUI on Saturday!! Just yesterday I was told the chance of having to cancel this cycle due to over stimming was pretty good, so this was wonderful to hear. We were told to do injects for two more nights, then trigger on the second night.

I truly needed to hear both of these results, so this has been the best day in a while. IUI # 4 HERE I COME!!!!! W00T!!!


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