Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What an emotional day!

My day started off so peaceful. I was excited since our NT Scan was today, and I couldn't wait to get past this milestone. I left work mid day to head over to Kaiser for the u/s only to find out it won't happen (explanation here)

Then, I get off work and drive home.... I head to our front office to pick up some paperwork... and come to find out there is some extra work MH and I have to do before the papers get signed. Wish we would have known 3 weeks ago when I brought them down to you! Now they are due this Friday!! ::Sigh::

Aaaaaand theeeeeen, my mom happens to call just as I walk through the door and had burst into tears. I answer thinking she might sooth me and make me feel better, but she goes on to tell me how bad stress is for the baby. Geeee, thanks mom! After I told her how I felt about that, we made up and got off the phone :)

Now I'm just tired again, hoping to hit the sack at 8pm again tonight! Going to bed so early has never felt so good. Just call me g-ma Papps!



  1. ....this is the perfect example of "just one of them days"...lol. Sorry hon.


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