Friday, March 4, 2011

Free Femara Prescription

So, when I cycled I used this website, printed up this coupon, and had my RE sign it. I brought it in to a pharmacy and got my Rx for free! (so I know it works)

The only thing is I only got 10 pills (based off of my dosage needed for that cycle) instead of a months worth because the RE's nurse only filled it for what I needed. BUT STILL, saved me over $100!

Try it out, I promise it works :) Just click on Print, and you'll get your unique code Click Here



  1. Hey Zook needs Femara, you should tell her about this!!

  2. Thank you Papps!! I hope I won't need Femera again next cycle but I'm going to print it out just in case :)

  3. Thanks so much Papps! I don't know if I'll need it next cycle when I do my IUI, but love you for thinking of us ladies. :)


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