Thursday, March 3, 2011

A new car!

Ok, well not really a new car just yet, but I brought my car in Tuesday for a new clutch, new brakes and suspension so it's kinda new right? lol

I decided to keep my 2001 Honda Civic for at least another year just to be on the safe side money wise, so since my car needed some major repairs, I figured when is a better time to fork out the cash than when I get my taxes back!?! Well, I get to pick it up today and I am beyond thrilled!

I'm very grateful they gave me a rental car to use, but man every night as soon as I walk through the door it's straight to the shower. This car makes me feel so dirty! Today I'm exchanging it for MY car and I'm so happy!

My car will be brand new! Well kinda sorta ;)

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