Monday, December 27, 2010

Comcast cable

So, we got our cable bill today and seriously almost died of heart failure. Not only was our UFC fight plus 3 On Demand movies on this bill, the new rates were applied. This bill was upwards $250!!!!!

So, after I picked my jaw up off the floor, I decided to educate myself and shop around to see what other competitors were offering before calmly calling Comcast. We've been with them for 5+ years, so there were no more introductory rates for us, but other companies would be able to offer us up a deal right?

I found better rates with two other companies and felt secure enough to call our cable company and cancel if they were not able to work with me. So I get sweet Ashley on the phone who was totally understanding and worked with me to reduce our monthly rate. She waived our DVR fees (among others) and actually saved us about $30 a month!!

Needless to say we will not be renting On Demand movies at $5.99 a pop anymore, nor will we rent another UFC fight for a while :o)
Mad props to Comcast for helping our broke asses out :)

Why did I post about this? Well, the moral of the story is don't underestimate big companies. I've learned that there are sooooo many discounts they can give if you just call. Sweet Ashley even told me to call back every 6 months to see what discounts they can offer us


  1. I've done this before with a cable provider in our area. After being with them for over two years I was hell bent on cancelling (for at least the summer as we love to get outside). They gave us the introductory rates and some free-bees just like you! I'm with ya, you never know unless you ask!

  2. we make a call at least once a year. we get hbo/cinemax included and we get a bunch of on demand stuff for free. we never pay extra for anything. but we definitely call because it is ridiculous

  3. My friend did that every six months for about four years until they called her bluff. She canceled comcast and went to U-verse by AT&T. We personally have DirecTV and really like it compared to comcast. They are still screwing us for money on our internet so I don't care for them.


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