Saturday, December 11, 2010

We're getting that much closer!

Ok, so yesterday MH and I went to the RE's office and took the injectables class. Man am I glad we did, I was a bit overwhelmed by the original size needle!!

Here's a pic :)
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Anyway, so the plan is to call on cd1 to schedule b/w and u/s, then on cd3 begin Femara from cd3 through cd7 (2 pills a day). Then on cd9 I'm taking 150IU of Bravelle (I think that was how much) for 2 days and go in for an u/s on cd12. From there they will determine how I responded and we'll either continue with the Bravelle or they'll have me trigger :)

AF is set to arrive anywhere between tomorrow and Tuesday (clomid messed with my LP so now I have no idea what it really is). So excited!!


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