Saturday, December 18, 2010

Um, birth control?

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Yup, this is my new drug to be on I suppose :/
So, I went in for my baseline appointment on Friday, expecting to begin my IUI meds, but come to find out I have a planet sized cyst on my right ovary. Congratufuckinglations, it's a mass!!!
So, I will be on birth control pills for 21 days, and will go back when cd1 comes around, which she is predicting should be around 1/10/11. Hopefully it will be gone so we can cycle, otherwise we'll be waiting it out, or having them remove it.

So with these 21 days, I plan on hitting the gym hard, and doing sit ups (which I have failed to do while we've been TTC) For some reason I have it in my head that sit ups will destroy my phantom baby that has not even existed. I am beyond silly, I know.
I will say I am 100% putting my thermometer in the nightstand drawer, and shall not retrieve it! Hopefully I can give it up for good now. Maybe.


  1. ;( Sorry to hear about the cyst, I hope it clears up quickly!

  2. I'm so sorry sweetie. I hope the cysts goes away real soon :(

  3. Sorry you have to wait longer to cycle Pappsie. But enjoy the temping break (breakup?) as much as you can.

  4. I like the temping breakup idea! lol I've been trying to not temp as a perm solution, but have had issues letting go, maybe this will help!


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